Types of Fiberglass Poles for Construction

If you are a building owner who wants to add more curb appeal to their home, you should consider adding custom fiberglass poles to your landscape. These will not only make your home look better, but they will also last longer. There are several main types of custom Fiberglass poles available for you to use in your construction, but you must be aware of the differences between each before choosing which one to utilize. The main different pole category includes single-end, double-end, flexible poles, and modular poles.

Single-end poles are great for building homes that are meant to be placed on a pole and just stick up. Many building owners prefer these because they are very easy to install, but they are not very practical if you are looking to place your house on a concrete foundation. If you are building on a concrete slab, then you should not use a single pole. However, if you are using a wood deck or ground on which you will be placing your new home, a single pole may be all that is necessary to complete the job.

Double-end poles are the most popular type of pole and are great for both residential and commercial applications. In addition, they provide building owners with more options for customizing their structures. Double-end poles are constructed in much the same way as a standard single pole. They are usually constructed from aluminum and can be easily bent into the shape of the structure that they are supposed to cover. Fiberglass is often used to cover these structures because it is a more durable metal.

The flexible pole is another option that building owners have available to them. This type of pole is not as easy to install as the other poles, which makes it not very practical for residential use. Building owners instead choose to use this type of pole for industrial or municipal buildings. These types of frp poles are usually assembled in a warehouse and then rolled out to cover the structure. The reason why this type of pole is not very practical for residential use is because it can cost several thousand dollars to have them installed.

There is one final type of pole that building owners may consider when they are constructing their structures. This type of pole is known as the modular pole. A modular pole is created from a single piece of fiberglass and is then combined with wooden supports in order to create the exact size and shape that the customer wants. Many customers request that their poles be modular because they are not sure exactly what the final size and shape of their pole will be.

The best way that a customer can purchase their custom fiberglass pole is by selecting the specific type that they want. Building owners should also inquire about any other custom options that they may be able to have installed on their poles. There are a number of manufacturers that make poles that are already pre-assembled and ready to go, but there are also a number of manufacturers that sell parts and install kits for their poles. Either way that the pole is purchased, it is important to ensure that it is assembled correctly. If it is not it may be dangerous and/or damaging to the property. Check out this post that has expounded more on this topic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiberglass.

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